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SINCE 1984

About Us

The founder Indira Basapa started First Steps (a pre-primary school) No. 12, Cunningham Crescent Road, Bangalore – 560052 in the year 1984-85. A branch (pre-primary) was started in the year 2007 at Jakkur – North Bangalore. Over the years we grew to accommodate a grades school – First Steps Jakkur in the same campus in 2014.

Although we have been around for over three decades, we have constantly grown and adapted ourselves to the latest study and research in the field of Education in order to bring the best benefit to our children. This combined with a holistic approach to teaching ensures a progress of a balanced individual who becomes a contributing member to the society and the world at large.

The Philosophy of the school is to build confidence in every child. Admissions are taken on a first come first serve basis and the school does not give up on any child. We teach children to respect one another’s culture, traditions and learn to offer reverence to nature too. Promoting creativity and analytical thinking in a child are an integral part of our curriculum. In an endeavour to support this goal, First Steps School, Jakkur has various activities to supplement this learning. (Yoga, Swimming, Horse Riding, Art, Music and Physical Education). Apart from the curriculum, First Steps also believes in reaching out to the less fortunate. Philanthropy runs deep in the Founder, Indira Basapa’s family.

Indira Basapa is physically challenged; however, this did not deter her from following her goals, pursuits and vision in life. There were many challenges and hurdles, but her “never say never” attitude has brought her where she is today.

Awards & Recoginization

Our Campus

Nestled amidst green surroundings, with an abundance of play area and fresh air, First Steps School, High comes across as a school with a “difference”. Children in this school are as close to nature as one can get. Sun, air, water, clouds, soil and sand all become the tools of learning. Children experience and understand the wonderful role Nature plays in our daily lives and they develop a reverence for these elements of nature.

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Our Mission

The mission at First Steps is to be an exemplary school that whole-heartedly caters to the requirements of each child ensuring the educational success of his or her mind, body and soul, confirming our belief that every child can learn and become a responsible, respectable, self-loving, successful member of society.

We believe in maintaining a close and informal relationship with the parents of our children, for the social growth of a child is closely knit to the value system of the people the child is in contact with i.e. Parents and teachers.

We believe that a child must sometimes be left alone to think, experience and experiment, for it is, when a child discovers for himself, that he understands the matter completely. Several activities are included to improve the analytical and thinking skills in a child.

Our team endeavours to offer a safe and positive learning environment to instil the desire of knowledge in our children and guide them to becoming productive citizens of the world.


1. To be an inclusive school where the welfare of each and every child is of utmost importance to the teacher.

2. To empower every child with the basic tools and skills necessary to excel on a global scale in all aspects of life.

3. The team at First Steps strives to stimulate confidence, analytical thinking, creativity and independence, focusing on an 'all-round' development of each child's mind, body and soul.

4. Not to discriminate any child based on race, gender and socio-economic status, physical and mental ability. First Steps encourages this by adopting a 'first-come, first-serve' policy for admissions and educating children from rural communities across the city.

5. Not to give up on any child. The team at First Steps ensures that every child reaches its full potential in a realm that promotes learning through positive reinforcement and provides each child time to adjust progress and excel to the expected standard.

6. To inspire learning in every child with the aid of a comprehensive curriculum assembled with experience and expertise, providing each child with the best opportunity to grasp and master essential concepts.

7. To consider each age group specifically by following particular themes and activities that supplement teaching (e.g. Art, music, swimming, horse- riding, yoga) and therefore presents the child with a variety of resources to enhance his or her motivation for learning.

8. To ensure each child discovers and acknowledges a sense of his or her own value, a trait the First Steps team considers highly significant for the healthy development of each child.

9. To uplift each child's self-esteem.

10. The primary goal is to mould our children to be good and tolerant citizens. Pro-social and moral values taught at this age by parents and caregivers promote feelings of empathy, tolerance, honesty and respect for others. These are the lessons that prepare children for life and enable them to realise for themselves and take the right decision.

11. We encourage children to develop a positive attitude toward the life and culture of others; this becomes a contributing force in the life of the school, with the ability to bring differing people together into a sense of community. Thus, furthering the cause of international understanding.

Charitable Trust

The Lt. Col. Chik Basapa Memorial Trust was founded in the year 2000. What began as a small collective movement to raise funds for the surgery of a young girl, gained tremendous momentum and today this trust actively supports several deserving causes and organisations.

The Shrishti Academy for Specially Challenged children has received the support of this trust and has felicitated Indira Basapa.

Navachetana, a home for the mentally challenged is a beneficiary of this trust. All donations to this trust are qualified for deduction.

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